How to integrate with Tasker

Tasker (Overlays Pro)

Overlays Pro provides a rich Tasker integration, that enables you to enhance your control on when to show certain profiles.
With Tasker, you’ll be able to show, hide or toggle every profile when you plug your headphones, receive an incoming call, rotate your device, press a button, etc.

How it’s done?

In Tasker application, Create a task, name it as you wish.


Click the + button to add a action.

Choose “Plugin” category.

Choose “Overlays” plugin action.

In the action edit screen, click the “Edit” button to select an Overlay profile.

Select the Overlays profile you want to use.

Choose the preferred action:

  • On – Shows the profile if it wasn’t already shown.
  • Off – Hides the profile.
  • Toggle – Shows if it wasn’t already shown, hides if it was.


When you’re done, don’t forget to add a Tasker profile and choose the task you’ve just created. If you choose a “Toggle” action, you might want to add the Tasker profile an exit task (choose the same task, we’ll handle the toggle).


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