* You can now edit a profile’s trigger via profile settings dialog.
* Android O support – mostly means no more lock screen trigger 😦
* Android Marshmallow runtime permissions support
* Bug fixes and optimizations

* Overlays, simplified.

* [Overlays Pro:New] – Control Overlays using Android Broadcasts. click to see how.
* [Overlays Pro:New] – Hide Browser address area.
* [Changed] – Upped max icon size.

* [Added] – Sidebar option: Show/hide sidebar on touch outside.
* [Overlays Pro:New] – Global Minimizer. You can now minimize all active profiles with one click. Double click to close Overlays.
* [Overlays Pro:Removed] – Hide & minimize profile on touch outside removed. Sorry, Currently not possible.

* [Overlays Pro:New] – Minimize profile on touch outside.
* Crash fixes. Thank you for your reports!

* Android N support.
* New UI and colors.
* First time tutorial and tips.
* [Added] – Option to remove shadow around some Pro overlays (to allow full screen).
* [Added] – Long press Home button to toggle profile (see Overlays settings -> General).
* [Fixed] – issue when creating Event profiles.
* [Overlays Pro:New] – Browser start URL.
* [Overlays Pro:New] – Pro overlays settings.
* [Overlays Pro:New] – Touch outside to close profile.

* [Fixed] – Browser overlay delete will stop music, if playing.
* [Fixed] – Create App/Event profile issue.
* [Added] – Browser overlay desktop mode (user agent).

* [Overlays Pro:New] – Z Order: sort your overlays in layers.
* [Overlays Pro:New] – Floating Browser, new in-house overlay!
* [Added] – True Widget re-size support. Google Music different layouts will now show by widget size.
* [Added] – New Event: AC Charging.
* [Changed] – Click anywhere to toggle top action bar in overlays edit screen.

* [Added] – Chinese translation
* [Overlays Pro:New] – Manually set overlay’s size and position to perfectly align multiple overlays.
* [Changed] – Overlays transparency can now be changed to 0%.
* [Changed] – Sidebar sensitivity raised to 100px.
* [Fixed] – Bug fixes.

* [Fixed] – App crashes when trying to use Application profiles or Blacklist on some devices.

* [New] – Home tab. Shows all your profiles and allow quick edit access, even for Application/Event profiles with multiple Attached Globals. Auto created Attached Globals will not show here but you can view them on Globals tab.
* [Added] – Support for Android M(arshmallow).
* [Fixed] – App detection on Android 5.1 and above.
* [Fixed] – Sidebar will now allow you to select auto created Attached Globals.

* [Fixed] – Some applications are not detected on Lollipop (Application profiles and Blacklist).
* [Fixed] – FAB (+) button hides last item in profiles list.
* [Fixed] – When locking minimizer, long press will now take you to settings as expected.

* [Added] – Material Design touches.
* [Added] – New profile creation wizard. You can still attach Globals to Application/Events profiles through edit screen.
* [Added] – Overlays entrance/exit animations. Change animation through Settings -> Look & Feel -> Select Animation.
* [Added] – Global settings – Show profile ONLY on (stock) lock screen. Other lock screen apps are staying the same, just create an Application profile for them.
* [Added] – Experimental! Share/Import single profiles. You can use that to help others or share ideas.
* [Added] – You can now use Overlays as a background service, without a notification. Notice it may be less reliable. Settings -> General -> Use Foreground Service (uncheck it).
* [Added] – Version update check. Disable it through Settings -> Application -> Check For Updates.
* [Added] – Stop vibrate feedback on overlay edit mode through Settings -> Look & Feel -> Vibrate Feedback.

* [Fixed] – Some widget stop updating after Overlays update. You can also force widgets’ refresh through Settings -> Export -> Refresh Widgets.
* [Fixed] – Camera and Flash Pro overlays.
* [Fixed] – Profile minimizer overlay should now stay put on click.
* [Fixed] – Lollipop permission for detecting current running application removed.

* Lollipop adjustments and bug fixes.

* [Fixed] Blacklist & orientation issues.
* [Fixed] Profiles showing/disappearing after screen off&on.
If you encounter any more issues like this, please contact me.
You can always use the “Keep on during sleep” option in General settings.

* [Fixed] Sidebar right position.
* [Fixed] long press sensitivity issue.
* [Fixed] LG G2/G3 widget selection fix.
* [Added] Japanese translation.
* [Added] Dummy view overlay (for screen filter uses, avoid clicking areas of the screen, etc).
* [Pro] grid will now have more squares, by screen size and resolution.
* [Pro] show profile on lock screen (per Global).
* [New] Attached global in Application/Event – you can now choose if you want to perform exit action (3 dots menu per attached global).
* [New] Examples tab added – initial. If all goes well, Android 4.1 users could soon start sharing profiles, even with widgets.
* [Android 4.1+]: Import backup will now re-create widgets for you or allow you to “press to re-create” in case the widget has a configuration screen.

* Crash fix for some users.

* [Fixed] – Application profiles issue.
* [Added] – Disable press profile row to toggle state settings.
* Bug fixes per your reports. Thanks!

Overlays reborn.

Both versions:
* [Pro->Free] Applications and Events profiles are now free and unlimited.
* [Pro->Free] Widget-Shortcut overlay is now free for use.
* New UI and navigation.
* Battery and memory consumption drastically reduced.
* Overlays will auto start after future Play store update.
* Application list will now show only launch-able apps.
* In-app tutorial cards.
* KitKat fixes – Overlays can now be positioned everywhere, even in immersive mode.
* Lots of bug fixes!

Overlays Pro:
* Global profiles settings – Minimizer (single tap to minimize, double tap to close), hide profile on first overlay tap, close profile on first overlay tap, start profile minimized.
* New in-house Overlays – Calculator, Camera, Dialer/Contacts and Flashlight.
* Notification indicator for application shortcut overlay (Android 4.3+).
* Snap to grid – align overlays.
* [Fixed] – Blacklist issues.

End of AppGratis promotion – Thanks a lot for all your great feedback!

* Added French translation.
* Fixed selecting gallery image as profile icon bug.
* If Home button is enabled as start service – it will also function from main app settings screen.
* Crashes and bug fixes.

* [Overlays Pro] NEW! Let Overlays to respond to Events. Float overlays on an Incoming call, headset plugged in, Bluetooth is on and on many more events.
* Settings – control how to start Overlays service (Home, Back, Both, None).
* Settings – disable long press to enter edit mode.
* Translations and bugs fixes.

* Major bug fix – orientation crash should be fixed now. Had to remove glow effect from Sidebar profiles.
* Other bug fixes.
* Added Italian translation.

** Still looking for help with Spanish and French translations. If you want to help out, please contact us!

* Fixed shortcut icons square bug.
* Added translation to German, Russian and Hebrew.
Italian is coming soon. We’re still looking for help with the Spanish translation.

* App of the Day promotion is over.
* Bug fixes.

* Fixed 2 crashes reported by you. Thanks!
* Added application profile interval to general settings.
* Added border size option to Widget overlays settings.
* Added full height option to Widget overlays settings (Experimental).

Fixed Bugs:
* Sidebar right side extra space..
* Profile local media icon not showing on launcher shortcut.
* Blacklist switching between blocked apps.
* Removed 1px empty space between overlay to edge of screen.
* Weather overlay update issues.
* Sidebar icon blink on click (glow effect).
* Direct dial shortcut.

* Sidebar – sort items with long press and drag up/down.

* [FIXED] – Sidebar is on top of everything.
* [FIXED] – Sidebar width is now set by the icon size option.
* [FIXED] – Weather overlay is now working again. You can also hide its symbol.
* [NEW] – Sidebar – show and color the swipe area.
* [NEW] – Sidebar – running profile glow radius.
* Other bug fixes and optimizations.

* [NEW] – Sidebar – control your profiles everywhere. Tutorial and options in Overlay’s settings.
* [NEW] – Overlay Orientation – show overlays only in portrait/landscape orientation (settings per overlay).
* [NEW] – set global profile icon.
* [FIXED] – Blacklist (Pro only) – you can now block the same app in different profiles.
* Lots of bug fixes and optimizations.
* Removed language select due to lack of translations updates – contacts us if you wish to help!

Critical bug fixes and optimizations.
Thanks to your reports, we fixed a very critical bug some of you experienced when trying to create or show a Widget-Shortcut Overlay.
* Bug fixes and optimizations.
* [NEW] – Export/Import option in settings.
We’re sorry for the frequent update!
2 Critical bug fixes (run on boot and widget shortcut crash).

* New languages – German and Hebrew. Contact us if you’re willing to translate to more languages.
* [Fixed] – Overlays weren’t keeping their position on landscape oriented devices.

Overlays Pro:
* [NEW] – General profiles Blacklist – You can now block specific apps from floating a profile.
* [NEW] – Widget Shortcut overlay – Create shortcuts that opens widgets!
Critical bug fixes and optimizations.

Next version will include new Overlays and we promise they are going to be very cools ones!

* New! Application shortcut overlay.
* Settings got a new look and some new options:
1. Choose the overlay re-size, delete, settings & save buttons size.
2. Keep aspect ratio while re-sizing widgets!
3. Define long click duration to enter overlay edit mode.

* Removed the launcher profile that showed as default, you can now create 1 application profile. Delete the existing if you want to replace it.
* Bug fixes with some widgets like Pandora.

* New! Create Overlays profiles shortcuts on your homescreen or even inside another profile (through shortcuts).
* Fixed click on overlays – you can now select what application to open on short click.
* Cleared system applications list from un-launchable apps.

Overlays Pro:
* New! Tasker integration now allows 3 actions: On, Off, Toggle.
* Fixed GUI bug – no applications icons.
* Fixed crash on app start (out of memory – devices with many applications).
* Fixed crash on weather update.

version 1.0.5:
* Fixed the crash when adding/editing profiles (had to add permission, read in permission section in description).
* Changed Profiles tab to allow multiple profiles at the same time!
* Rotation is now allowed in every screen.
* Several bug fixes and optimizations!

version 1.0.3:
* New! system shortcuts overlay!
* You can now control when to start the service and show notifications (Always, Never, When profile visible).
* Tasker integration fixes. (Pro version)
* Fixed weather location.
* Fixed bugs related to overlay drag & resize.

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