Control your profiles using Android Broadcasts (Overlays Pro)

Maximize your control!

Find your profile ID (required for profile specific broadcasts):

Profile ID
Your profile ID will show in the profile settings dialog.

Supported broadcasts:
1. com.applay.overlay.profile.SHOW – Show a profile. Must specify “ProfileId:ID” extra.
2. com.applay.overlay.profile.HIDE – Hide a profile. Must specify “ProfileId:ID” extra.
3. com.applay.overlay.profile.TOGGLE – Toggle profile state. Must specify “ProfileId:ID” extra.
4. – Start Overlays background services.
5. – Stop Overlays background services.
6. com.applay.overlay.profile.MINIMIZE – Minimize an expanded profile. Must specify “ProfileId:ID” extra.
7. com.applay.overlay.profile.EXPAND – Expand a minimized profile. Must specify “ProfileId:ID” extra.
8. com.applay.overlay.system.SIDEBAR_HIDE – Hide sidebar
9. com.applay.overlay.system.SIDEBAR_SHOW – Show sidebar
10. com.applay.overlay.TIMER – Start timer with predefined seconds. Must specify “action:start” and “time:XX (seconds)” extras or “action:stop”.

Due to Android Oreo (8.0+) changes, you must specify Overlays package as well: “com.applay.overlay”.

Intent showProfile = new Intent("com.applay.overlay.profile.SHOW");
showProfile.putExtra("ProfileId", 14);

You can also send broadcast using Tasker or any other 3rd party application.